Saturday, April 4, 2009


Our life has been pretty uneventful since we last posted.
Stephanie's mom came up to visit us for Stephanie's birthday back on March 21. She brought our niece, Arabella, with her so that we could get some practice in before October!

This past Friday we had another visit with the doctor. We got to see Baby Brown again! Here is Baby Brown's 12 week 5 day picture:

We were able to hear Baby Brown's heartbeat at a strong 153 beats/minute. We were also able to see the baby's hands and feet moving around! At least this time Baby Brown actually looked like a human...well except for this picture:

When we saw this picture on the screen, we all (the doctor included) started laughing, so she printed it out for us.

We still have around 6-7 weeks before we can look to determine the sex of the baby and that is when the real fun will begin....DECORATING! We already have the large pieces (crib, rocker, and changing table) for the nursery bought and put together. I know some people may call us crazy, but we like to get things done early, that is just our personality.

That has been our life these past few weeks.