Thursday, January 14, 2010

3 months old

My little girl is now 3 months old and is such a delight! I definitely love having this time with her and am sad about the prospect of returning to work in 2 weeks. I am blessed though to have a daycare at my work where I will be able to check on her regularly. So, since my memory seems to have lapsed some since becoming pregnant and having Cadence I am going to document what she is doing at this stage. C wears size 3to 6 months clothes, size 2 diapers, and is definitely close to 15 pounds by my estimation. She eats 5 ounces every 3 hours with her last feeding around 10 at night. She inconsistently sleeps from 9 at night to 6 in the morning, but ha recently began waking up at 2 to 3 in the morning. She loves musical toys and looking in the mirror. She has also discovered her hands and how to use them to plays items in her mouth (though she still prefers her hands). She can reach with her hands to her feet. She is drooling more and has learned to blow raspberries! She is very vocal and likes to talk to her reflection in the mirror. So, since I am a pediatric physical therapist I am also going to include an assessment of her development- so you can tune out if too boring. She can hold her head 90 degrees in prone (on her stomach) for greater than 5 seconds with arms abducted to the side. She can inconsistently roll from prone to supine (on her back) and from supine to left side lying. She accepts about 25 percent of her weight through her legs in supported stance. She can track consistently horizontally track an object 180 degrees and 30 degrees vertically. She has no head lag and chin tuck with pull to sit. She has good head control and fair trunk control in supported ring sitting. So, if you have stuck through that I am sorry, but that is kind of what goes on in my head when playing with my daughter! So, now for the good part the pictures!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

For the grandparents...

Cadence is getting so big and growing way too fast. I love her little personality of being such a sweet baby with lots of smiles and talking, but do not let that fool you because when she wants her food she wants it fast :) She loves to play with her glow worm and anything that lights up and is musical. She has learned this week to roll from her back to side and gets really mad when she can't roll to her stomach.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 In Review

Above photo from January where Josh traveled to Colorado for a Chemistry related conference and realized that sledding and skiing can be brutal.

In February, we discovered that we were expecting and Josh celebrated his 26th birthday!

In March, I celebrated my 26th birthday by going seeing Clueless at the Orpheum.

In April, my niece Arabella celebrated her Cinco de Maya birthday with a themed birthday party! On a sad note my grandfather passed away on the same date.

Josh's mom and grandmother were able to visit in April when Josh sang with Memphis Symphony Orchestra Choir

In May, my family and us traveled to Navarre Beach for a relaxing week at the beach. We also found out that we were expecting a girl! In June, we got the nursery ready and Josh's nieces came to visit.

For the 4th of July, Libby, Mandy, and I got together with family at Mandy's beautiful house.

In July, we got a new car in expectation for our growing family, and I had a wonderful work shower where I received so many precious baby gifts!

In August, Mieke and prayer group girls threw me a beautiful shower where we got to play name this candy bar poo in the diaper! Also, the lovely girls at church showered me with gifts, love, amazing food, and friendship.

September: Here is Mandy, Libby, and I after the family and friends shower in Fayetteville! As you can tell I have such a wonderful network of friends and family who made sure that Cadence was wanting for nothing!

On October 14th at 7:43 AM, Cadence Grace Brown, was born via C-section. She weighed 8lbs 7 ounces and was 21 inches long. I have also learned what love at first sight truly is :)

For Thanksgiving, we went to Fayetteville where Cadence was able to meet my side of the family

In December, we had family portraits and traveled to Possum Valley where Cadence met Josh's side of the family.
So I started this blog as a way to keep in touch with family, but I have gotten lazy. Also, I am computer illiterate and as you noticed have given up trying to get all of the pictures in due to complication, but my goal this year is to do this more regularly! So, we will see how diligent I will be for the few people who keep up with this!